Jackie May


I never got to speak with you after the wedding but I wanted to thank you for helping to make it such a wonderful experience. You, Emily, and the others were so helpful and everything seemed to run very smoothly. I know it must be a difficult job to organize a weekend like that but you all seemed to do it effortlessly. One of you seemed to pop up just when we needed something. My daughter and I were in a friend’s room trying to pin on our shawls for the wedding (not sure what they are called) and suddenly Neeti was there to do it for us! I know you must have made the weekend a lot easier and less stressful for Mridula and Sudhir. My friends had a wonderful time and said they will never forget the experience.

Thanks again,

Jackie May, Mother of the Groom
June 5, 2010
Minerals Resort
New Jersey

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