Jimmy and Harjit

Sonal you were a pleasure to work with for the past 5 years! I’m kidding we only just spent about 2 years planning our wedding J, but it did feel like it was 5 years didn’t it? You were insightful and gave us the guidance when we needed it. Moreover, thank you for being available around the clock! I still remember deliberating with you and Harjit about aspects of the event for hours and hours. Remember the one night we discussed till about 2 in the morning? Much appreciated and the results showed.

However, I think what separates you and your team the most is your services on the day of the event. You guys were invaluable and irreplaceable. Every time there was a possibility of something negative to occur, someone from your team discovered and resolved it before it could impact our event. Jessica A. was incredible and extremely conscientious of everything. Her pulse on Harjit was on point the entire day and evening. It’s the collective teams’ experience that is immeasurable — truly priceless!

Our event was a tremendous success. Many of our guests have said it was the best wedding reception they have ever attended. In fact, the pind (village) my family is from in India – Apra – is still buzzing and this is just from word of mouth!

Thank you for all your efforts!


Jimmy and Harjit
April 2, 2010
Mandarin Oriental
Washington DC

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