Moushumi and Dan

Hi Sonal
I hope you are resting from our busy weekend. Dan and I are waiting in the LA airport for our connecting flight to Tahiti, but I wanted to send you a huge thank you before I leave. Our wedding was a perfect fairytale event. It ended up more wonderful than I had ever envisioned!! Dan and I both still can’t stop talking about it. We have heard from countless guests that it was the best wedding they have ever attended. Each and every guest seemed to have an amazing time. Everything looked beautiful, tasted great, and happened on schedule. :). I have never heard of an Indian wedding that ran early before :).

Thanks so much for all your organization. It allowed me to enjoy every second of the wedding weekend!! I will be touch when Dan and I get back!

Moushumi Sanghavi and Dan Khublall
June 2, 2012
The Rockleigh
Rockleigh, NJ

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