Natalie and Jay

The weekend of my wedding was truly the most beautiful and happy weekend of my life. I enjoyed every part of it from start to finish; whether I was laughing, crying, dancing, or eating. Every part of it was perfect.

When I had first started planning my wedding, I had considered the idea of a wedding planner but then dismissed it because I had heard so many crazy stories about how much they cost! And I was already spending enough money and couldn’t afford to add many more expenses. Then, when we were about 5 months away from my wedding day, my curiosity was peaked again. I had already done most of the planning and felt very secure in all of my choices. But I had one major concern. Who was going to make sure that I wasn’t the director on the day of my wedding? Who was going to know what needed to be where and who needed to be where at a certain time? Who was going to make sure that the decorator set everything up the way that I had planned? My fiancé looked at me and said; Well isn’t that what you have a bridal party for? And I said; I didn’t want my bridesmaids to be running around franticly trying to make sure that everything was ok. I wanted them to be there with us, enjoying all of the wonderful moments. Everyone is so busy these days and I wanted my friends and family to have a weekend to enjoy. Wasn’t that the point of all the planning, for people to enjoy everything with you? So I did some online searching and came across Sonal Shah. She had different packages available online and I thought, wow, this could work! That was the best decision I ever made and I now tell every bride I meet to make sure she gets herself a Sonal! Sonal and her staff were incredible. Even with all the planning I’d already done, they dug in even deeper to find the little things that I hadn’t thought about. They spent over six hours with me creating my in depth itinerary that detailed every little moment that you could think of. And it was tedious but worth every second because when it came to the day of, I was able to relax because Sonal knew how I had envisioned things from beginning to end because she had taken that time to sit with me and figure out what was inside of my head. So on the day of my wedding, I didn’t have to think. Not even for a moment…

Sonal and her team had everything under control. And I was able to enjoy every second of our wedding weekend.

I can’t thank Sonal and her team enough for all their attentiveness and care to all that I had asked and more. I know for a fact that it would not have been so smooth without them. I truly feel that our wedding went off flawlessly and all of our guests truly agreed as well. I can’t tell you how many calls I got saying how well put together the wedding was. Guests appreciate that. It’s not just your wedding but a night off for your guests. They get all dressed up and they spend money to come share the time with you so it’s nice if they enjoy themselves fully too!

I highly recommend Sonal Shah for whatever it is you need, whether it’s a wedding or a party. She does a beautiful job and is more than worth her cost! In essence, the services she provides are truly priceless.

With warmest regards,

Natalie Singh
Aug 8,9, 2009
The Venetian
Garfield, NJ

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