What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Aside from the couple as a whole benefiting from having a planner at their wedding, the bride alone benefits tremendously. The planner takes a lot of the stress and concerns from the bride so she can enjoy the entire day. From waking up in the morning to that last dance at the reception. Here is a list of some things that a planner does for her bride:


  1. Making sure everything is running on schedule.
  2. Making sure the bride is comfortable and has everything she needs and wants.
  3. Making sure every detail is executed as the bride had visioned.
  4. Making sure the family is aware of the schedule and that they are following it to the tee.
  5. Collecting items beforehand that will be utilized during the ceremony and/or reception.
  6. Overseeing all set-ups of the events.
  7. Organizing and directing grand entrances.
  8. Organizing speeches during the reception.
  9. Communicating with guests to let them know the schedule and locations of events.
  10. Organizing the bridal party line-up for the walk down the aisle

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